Sunday, September 22, 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey Fragrance Review

I was recently sent this new fragrance to try out - 'Honey' by Marc Jacobs* courtesy of Perfume Lover. I've been keen to try out this fragrance for a while as it has always seemed to catch my eye in shops due to the appearance of the bottle. It's truly beautiful with the eye catching white spotty bottle, black stripy bumble-bee and pearl details - how could you possibly miss it? The bottle acts as a lovely decoration on my dressing table as it's so cute and girly - one of the many positives of the perfume!

I must admit, I was quite surprised by the fragrance. As the name of it suggests 'Honey by Marc Jacobs' - I was expecting the fragrance to smell really sweet like honey and so was quite shocked to realise that it doesn't actually smell that honey-ey (let's make that a word for now). The perfume does still have a sweet-ish smell but I'd describe it to be more of a fresh and floral smell rather than sweet honey. Perhaps, this is a good thing as maybe a really sweet honey smell would be too overpowering whereas this fruity, floral scent is 'just enough' - it's strong and fresh but it's not too 'in your face' (or nose). The scent has a real orangey smell to it at first which sort of dies down into subtle hints of vanilla for a longer-lasting smell. Honey by Marc Jacobs is a scent that completely differs to any of the others in my perfume collection and I absolutely adore it for that reason - it's just 'different'.

So, is Marc Jacob's Honey for you? Well yes - if you're looking for a young and fun fragrance that's both fruity and florally but not too overpowering! It's got a gorgeous crisp and fresh smell and lasts all day long. Not only will you get that in a bottle, but a stunning decoration to brighten up your dresser with the cute bottle design. 

The retail price for a 100ml bottle of this is currently £68 which I agree, is a little pricey. However, the fragrance is quite strong and so I can guarantee you'll only need a couple of squirts a day and so it should last you a while! Also, Perfume Lover have a great saving on this fragrance at the moment - so at £56, you better be quick and snap up this bargain by clicking here!

Have you tried Marc Jacob's Honey fragrance?
What do you prefer - sweet or fresh?


  1. Great review, I had a little sample of this and I did love it, but i'm saving up for my new favourite fragrance from D+G , so I had to give this one a miss!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  2. That looks lovely, great review I really want to try it now!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'


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