Monday, October 7, 2013

BHS: Get Dressed Up For Autumn

If I'm honest, BHS isn't the first shop I'd think of if I were looking to go shopping and if I'm telling the truth, I'd probably just completely forget to put it on my list in the first place. Well, until now that is.

BHS have recently launched their new campaign 'Get Dressed Up For Autumn' which is accompanied by a great new video advertisement. The rather 'sexy' video features model Zuzana Gregorova performing a backwards strip-tease in which she layers her skirt, jacket and accessories over her lingerie - pieces that are all featured from the store's new collection for Autumn. The video itself, although only featuring a few staple items from the new collection, has completely changed my outlook on BHS as a brand. I never knew that their clothes were so classy and feminine - and so fashionable and bang on trend too. Since seeing the ad, I've been eyeing up the collection and spotted some fab bits - all perfect for the coming Autumn months. I absolutely love Autumn time as it means I can wear big wooly knitted jumpers and knee high boots - I've already spotted a few pieces from BHS to complete the look. The great thing is, it's all so affordable too!

So, take a look at the new video campaign and tell me... will you be getting dressed up for autumn with BHS?


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