Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas with BHS

Christmas is my second favourite time of the year (after summer that is - I'm not a fan of the in-betweeny rainy but not snowy stuff). I love the whole atmosphere of the build up to Christmas with the lights, the food and the Christmas music - it's just a really cheery period of time. If, like me, you love Christmas and Christmas time then you'll definitely be interested in BHS' new Christmas campaign video. It's the Christmas adverts that really do get me excited about Christmas; there's nothing quite like a festive reminder every 15 minutes!

I absolutely adore this ad from BHS (it's in competition with the Bear and the Hare advert at the moment!) and think it's such a cool and quirky way to showcase their Christmas gift range for this year. The personification of the gifts and toys really adds a clever twist to the ad rather than the standard and boring 'here's what we've got in-store' type ad that we normally visits our TV screens (which probably ends up on mute, or is fast-forwarded). The BHS advert is, instead, really fun and engaging for all. It also gives you some really great ideas for Christmas gifts too.

Love it or not, it's that time of year again - and time to get our Christmas lists out and get buying presents and I think the ad gives so much inspiration for presents for all the family. As always, BHS have a huge range of gift ideas. This year for me will be no exception - I've already found myself visiting my local BHS store to have a little browse of what they have to offer - and they certainly do seem to have it all ranging from little stocking filler gifts like retro sweets and chocolate, to kitchen appliances and home decorations.

I tend to always go for the same types of gifts for the same people - mum always seems to get a bath or beauty set (which BHS have loads of!) and dad gets the standard socks or a mug - I'm loving the 'Mr Grumpy' one in the advert - but I'm definitely thinking that this ad has given me a wider range of ideas to mix things up a little bit this Christmas.

What do you think of the BHS Christmas campaign?
Will you be making a visit to BHS anytime soon to stock up on your Christmas goodies?

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  1. Love the advert, I'm the same in that most people recieve the same gifts year in, year out - although I like to think I buy pretty awesome gifts haha. I've had to do christmas this year on a hardcore budget (£50 for 13 people!!) so people are getting different to usual, have to see how well that goes down! eeeek.

    hannah bee


  2. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach


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